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15.01.2016 Deutschland / Mexiko / Kultur

Teotihuacan and the Ancient Maya: 1,638 and 13 Years Later

Berlin: Vortragsreihe "Wissensproduktion und Kulturtransfer im transregionalen Kontext". Mit Geoffrey E. Braswell

Since the 1940s, archaeologists, art historians, and epigraphers have debated the Interpretation of interaction between the ancient Maya of Central America and the cosmopolitan capital of Teotihuacan, located in central Mexico. A key epistemological problem has been linking the material evidence of interaction - pottery, obsidian, iconographic and stylistic elements in art and architecture, and limited hieroglyphic texts - to each of the possible models that characterize interaction between the two great civilizations of ancient Mesoamerica.

The goal of this lecture of Geoffrey E. Braswell (University of California San Diego) is to consider old evidence and new data and interpretations derived from recent research concerning these two fascinating cultures.

Sprache: Englisch

15.01.2016, 16:00
Simón-Bolívar-Saal, Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut, Potsdamer Straße 37, 10785 Berlin
Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut
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